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Speed-Racing: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

As any self-respecting adrenaline junkie knows, few sports or pastimes are as thrilling as speed-racing, in which talented drivers compete at maximum speed along winding racetracks or through treacherous environments. Although the practice is (rightly) illegal inside most urban centers today, it is nevertheless exciting to watch, let alone participate in.

This site is a tribute to the fast-paced world of speed-racing – in movies, in video games and in real life. Here, readers can find countless references, both fictional and non-fictional, to this electrifying (albeit highly dangerous) sport.

Arcade and Video Games

The closest most people get to taking part in a bona fide speed race is while playing games in the arcade or at home. Taito’s iconic arcade game Speed Race popularized the speed-racing game genre when it was released all the way back in 1974.

This website provides vicarious speed-racers with insightful commentary on the many speed-racing-themed videogames that have appeared in the almost 50 years since then. Games covered here include such classics as Grand Theft Auto and the Need for Speed series, along with many others.

Real-World Speed-Racing

Playing video games is all well and good, but committed speedsters will never be satisfied until they have had the chance to experience the real thing. For this reason, this site also offers the opportunity to find – and engage in lively discussions with – like-minded speed-racing enthusiasts in one’s own area.

This site also features a range of interesting material (including reviews) on speed-racing gear, from the latest racing cars on the market to the most highly-rated exhaust and air-intake equipment.